Wonder Woman

I was just watching the new Wonder Woman trailer. I generally like superhero movies, so I'll probably go watch it. But I find myself wondering why it's so exciting to watch some woman fight bad guys while wearing the most ridiculously impractical clothes. Granted, none of the male superheroes where practical outfits either, so at least it's fair in that regard.

Every day we fight for what is right and good and healthy.

Anyway, to my point...we are surrounded by Wonder Woman on a daily basis. The single mom raising kids alone, the woman headed back to school to start a new career, the woman loving and cherishing children that she didn't get to birth, the single woman who isn't waiting for a man to help her really live her adventure, the brave moms who homeschool, the brave moms who don't, the business woman, the lady preacher who's going against the religious flow. You get the picture. Every day we fight for what is right and good and healthy. Women wage war against dysfunctional patterns and habits in our own lives and in the world around us by living with hearts that are becoming whole and healthy.

We are Wonder Woman.

We were made with beautiful minds that solve problems and beautiful bodies that create and sustain life. We have beautiful hearts that nurture and have the ability to love children that we didn't create. We are Wonder Woman. Look around you, see the beautiful ones, and champion them!