Sometimes with Jesus we take giant leaps. We encounter God so powerfully that we are taken from one place to another in a matter of seconds. Bondages are broken, freedom is awakened in us and we are suddenly made new. I love those moments. I have experienced those moments.

What about the times that this isn’t the case? Well friends, God works in all kinds of ways. I have certainly experienced some slam-bang powerful moments, but right now I am in the turtle club. It’s the slow lane, the take it one-daily-step-at-a-time-gang.

Some days I wake up and wonder how I ended up here?

Some days I wake up and wonder how I ended up here? How is it that I am nearly forty years old and still have so many areas in my life that desperately need Jesus? Seriously, I have known Him most of my life. Why am I so slow? The truth is that the eternal God is not limited by my ideas or the world’s ideas of time.

The mountain top experiences are amazing, but it’s the every day moments that we have with Holy Spirit that are the building blocks for stability. This is a stability that grows over time, and is not easily shaken. It’s the kind that is firm even when the winds of life howl and rage around us. It’s built daily, sometimes slowly, taking the baby steps.

Stability grows when I refuse to allow fear to have a foothold in life.

When I apologize to my kids for freaking out and becoming “Hulk Mom” I’m building stability. It grows when I refuse to allow fear to have a foothold in life. Daily, I place my hand on my heart and breathe in Jesus, and then I exhale anxiety, chaos and offense. Daily I tell myself, “No good thing has been withheld from me!” Daily I close my eyes and become still so that I can feel His presence. Daily I worship. Daily, daily, daily. All of these little baby steps will add up and become a very firm, stable foundation. The caterpillar doesn’t just turn into butterfly overnight friends!

Embrace the process. Embrace the daily steps. Give yourself lots of grace to start again, and again. One day, the restarts will be farther apart than before. I am one hundred percent convinced that He is not interested in our perfection. He is interested in knowing us, loving us and in turn, having a life long relationship with us.