God created men and women with unique talents and abilities. His intention was for us to complement each other, unique and different, but with equal value.

The misogynist idea that men are better leaders and more suited to business, while women should remain in the home is terribly wrong. Of equal error is the more liberal idea that some feminist circles have, portraying men as barbaric pigs while women are better at everything. Both of these ideas devalue an entire gender that God himself created in his own image. What a slap in the face to such a good Father!

God designed us to function as separate pieces of a beautiful puzzle. Denying women a place in leadership has left a lot of holes in the picture that God originally intended. Your value comes from the fact that you are a child of God. Unfortunately, the church at large has done a lot of damage by devaluing people due to their race, gender, or socioeconomic levels. Many of us want to rail against the politicians, lobbyists and organizations like Planned Parenthood for the countless lives lost due to the abortion industry, but have we ever stopped to consider how the devaluing of motherhood and children could be feeding that issue? The church has spent centuries teaching that women and what they do is of less value than men. No wonder our society does not have a great value for motherhood and the lives of babies! Why would they value something that has been intentionally undervalued? There are ample Biblical examples of powerful women and men in key leadership positions. I believe 100% that when we choose to see each other, champion each other, and empower each other as equals we will see an enormous cultural shift, and advancement of the Kingdom of God on this earth!

Let’s consider this amazing thought from Shawn Bolz, "What would happen if people had treated you, from the time you were a small child, as if you were going to be one of the most important people in history and eternity? What would happen if we chose to treat each other according to our eternal identity now?"

Go champion someones heart. Elevate them to a higher place. Tell them how God sees them, no matter who they are.