Several years ago, I fancied myself to be someone that enjoyed running. Now, let me tell you, I dislike moving in excessive amounts. I like reading about people who move, and watching movies about people who move. I personally am just not naturally inclined toward activity. I know it’s a terrible admission, but it’s the truth.

I took a deep breath, and decided I could do it.

I had a good friend, who had started running, and man did she have goals. She ended up running an actual marathon. I cheered from my couch. For a short moment though, I let myself be swept into the running world. I decided I could do it, and I did...sort of. I signed up for a race, and began training with my friend. Here is another confession, when I run, I say really mean hateful things and sometimes swear in my head. That’s how much I dislike running. I managed to train to the point that I could successfully run (think awkward jog) 2.5 miles! I figured that was good enough. After all, the race was only a 5k. I could add in another half of a mile pretty easily. The day before the race, however, my friend confessed that it was actually a 4 mile run. WHAT!? This was what I got for not actually taking the time to look up the info before signing up. I had already paid, and registered, and I had a t-shirt coming! I took a deep breath, and decided I could do it. Keep in mind that I had only ever awkwardly jogged 2.5 miles.

God has invited me to be a part of a race.

The day of the race dawned. I put on my hand me down running shoes and set off. About 3.5 miles in, I had been silently cussing the whole world out and I just knew I was going to die. I was going to heave up my lungs and die right there on the Plaza of Kansas City. And frankly, since I had been so terrible with my attitude I doubted I would even make it to heaven! Just as I was about to give up though, a young woman passed me. She was red faced, and sweaty. She turned around and looked at me as she ran by, clapped her hands three times really quickly and yelled, "YOU’VE GOT THIS!” And you know what, I did have it. I finished the whole 4 miles without ever stopping to walk. I also continued to run and entered three more 5ks.

There is a destiny out there that I am chasing.

Sometimes I feel like God has invited me to be a part of a race, but maybe left out some of the minor details. There is a destiny out there that I am chasing, and some days I feel like I cannot finish the process. I can’t take it anymore. I want to sit on my couch and binge watch Netflix. He knows me, He knows that I am likely to dream, but never do if I know how hard things can be. He is the God of the impossible, and He has invited all of us to run, and conquer the impossible with Him.


So, here I am friends, cheering you on. The New Year is beginning. I’m running with you and yelling, "YOU’VE GOT THIS!". He’s got you after all, so that means you’ve got this. Let’s dare to dream, and then do. Moving mountains with Jesus, doing the impossible and believing for amazing things in our families, and communities. Let’s live.