I recently saw something on Shawn Bolz’ social media about creativity. “God’s first identity in the Bible was that of a creator-proving that creativity is the main skill set that displays His character. It’s not just for the artists but is used all innovators, entrepreneurs, politicians, entertainers, and even moms.”

I have heard countless friends say things expressing disappointment about their own lack of creative ability. I’ve even been frustrated about this in my own life. How can something like creativity be so obviously important to God, but not be something that all of us possess in great quantity?

There is a problem with how we understand creativity.

I think the problem is with how we understand creativity. In my mind it’s normally associated with the arts: painting, music, dancing. It’s artsy people that create beautiful things. I’m not really that girl. I don’t paint, play an instrument, decorate or really do anything like that. So where does that leave you, me, and the rest of the world?

The word Create simply means to bring (something) into existence. The word Creative is relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas. What if God gave us all creativity, but we keep trying to fit it into one tiny box? What if the fullest expression of the glory of God on this earth is tied to a generation of people releasing creativity in every area? What if God given creativity is actually in our spiritual dna? I believe this is true!

What do you love most to do?

Do you enjoy having things organized? Do you like fun adventure vacations? Do you like the numbers in your budget all lined up in neat and tidy rows? Do you like solving problems at work or at home? Do you like gardening, canning, childcare? Do you like techy gadgets? The list is really endless. If you look in the mirror and ask yourself, “what do you love most to do?”, you’ll find that God has given you creative ability directly connected to that thing.

So, be creative! Bring a solution to that problem at work that no one can solve. Discover the dynamic in your relationship with your childrem that helps you do family well. Unlock your potentional with heaven's partnership and you'll find that a little creativity will go a long way!