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Clint, Hayley, and Josh choose their own best picture from 89th Academy Awards! And the Oscar goes to...?

This weeks topic is "Mobilizing for a Global Great Awakening". It's time for risk takers. It's time for history makers. It's time for world changers It's time for the ones who are willing to lay it all down for the sake of heaven on earth to raise their voice. It's time for a kingdom revolution that is so infused with His Presence that nations are compelled to follow. It's time to get into His Presence and start declaring the impossible. It's time to get into community and start taking world changing risks together. This is your time, and it's time to burn.

Joining us in interview is Kent Henry! Kent holds a B.A. degree in Management in Music and Religion from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. For the past thirty plus years Kent has been traveling and ministering through “The Worship Seminar”, “Fresh Fire”, and “Worship Like Heaven” events to thousands of worshiping believers around the world. The past few years he has emphasized a “Prayer Room” model of worship and has helped numerous churches to embrace the praying church paradigm.

Currently he is also involved in the leadership at Destiny Church of St. Louis where his daughter, Jessica and husband, Jim Stern pastor a congregation of worshipers dedicated to raising up a people of prayer and justice. Alongside his son, Matt and wife, Taryn, who oversee the children’s ministry, he is perched to launch his youngest daughter, Ariel, into her own worship ministry. All 3 children are actively serving the Lord in full and part time ministry. Kent and his wife Carla, live in St. Louis and have 5 grandchildren.

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Nextgen worship is the voice of a movement whose purpose is to empower generations to carry heaven and shift culture. As sons of God, we bear the responsibility to import heavens heart and mind culture into the earth in such a way that it causes societal transformation. We believe that the ecosystem we are creating as sons and daughters of God is going to build in momentum resulting in a stronghold of heaven on earth that cannot be undone.

The Nextgen Worship Broadcast is a weekly Nextgen Worship podcast hosted by Clint and Hayley Kahler and Josh Coate. We are all stewards of an emerging heavenly invasion in our generation that is going to begin to shift the balance from darkness to light and see the release of answers to unsolvable problems on an epic scale. The sons and daughters of God are catalysts of creativity that will lead to cultural rebirth and a renaissance that ushers in a new era of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

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