WORSHIP LEADERS:  You are charged with more than arranging and leading songs during a church service.   You are to lead praise and adoration to the Lord and you are to lead His people out of bondage and into the freedom of His promises.

In Exodus 8 and 9, Moses received instructions from the Lord to tell Pharaoh that he was to let the Father’s children go into the wilderness so they could worship Him.

During Moses’ initial meeting with God in Exodus 3, God gave Moses his first set of instructions to return to Egypt and confront Pharaoh in order that the children of God would be set free. 

Moses responded with a lack of confidence and said that he was not eloquent with words and was slow of speech.  That declaration of Moses had an impact on many generations to come.

How many times during anointed worship have we been like Moses lacking confidence and slow to speak?

The children of God were set free from bondage but they missed the call to truly worship in the wilderness.

In Exodus 19, God told Moses to get the people ready because He wanted to meet with His children and make them a treasured possession among the nations, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.  He was coming in a thick cloud that the people may hear His voice.

Moses got the people ready but when God appeared with lightning, thunder and a thick cloud as described in Exodus 20, the people were afraid to draw near and they stayed at a distance.  They told Moses they wanted Him to speak to God for them because they were afraid they would die.

It is my opinion that this is where Moses missed it.  In Exodus 3, he declared that he was not confident and slow to speak.  I believe Moses should have responded to the people that he had been in the presence of God many times and the Father is good.  It may be scary but always good.

How many times during anointed worship have we been like Moses lacking confidence and slow to speak? 

Worship leaders need to recognize when the Lord is calling His children into the thick cloud where it may be unclear and scary.  But it is in the thick cloud of His presence where we will hear His voice.

The children of God must hear His voice and be unafraid of His presence if they are to be truly free and effective as leaders in the Kingdom of God.

His promises still stand true, today. 

Who knows, you may have been appointed for such a time as this?