In today’s western Christian culture, I think our belief system has done more harm than good. Before I go any further, let me say that I am preaching to me, and to anyone else who will ponder what I have to say. Christians are not in high esteem with unbelievers. Many times, Christians are seen as judgmental, belittling, domineering, prideful and arrogant. Are all Christians this way? NO! Are any Christians this way? YES! According to my understanding of the Father’s heart none of us should be that way.

We have spent far too much time comparing people and things

We have spent far too much time comparing people and things. Are those people believers or unbelievers? Does your church have a worship band or do you sing from a hymnal? Is there a certain way we need to dress when we attend your church? What denomination are you? These questions are not bad questions but these kinds of questions cause us to compare and judge. When people begin to judge others, we put up barriers. The spirit of comparison is the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Can you see how that is comparison? Are you going to heaven or hell? Are you focused on living a good life or beating yourself and others up when sin occurs?

We need to focus on the ONE thing

My advice for the body of Christ is to stop it! STOP it!! STOP IT!!! In order to stop comparing people and things, we need to focus on the ONE thing. King David knew that if he didn’t focus on God, he would mess up. Psalm 27:4 says I am pleading with the Eternal for this one thing, my soul’s desire: To live with Him all of my days—in the shadow of His temple, To behold His beauty and ponder His ways in the company of His people. The Voice Translation. Jesus said something very similar in Matthew 6:33 – Focus on the kingdom of God and His righteousness and life will be abundantly good. (My translation).

As I meditated on that scripture, I know I am beginning to have an understanding of the kingdom of God. It’s wherever God is. However, I need a better understanding about the righteousness of God. I know it’s been said that it is a right standing with God, but that definition seems shallow and very churchy.

What we focus on gives us direction

I see His righteousness as the correctness of God. Everything about Him is correct. He is always right. The totality of God is 100% good and correct. His ways are the fruit of the Tree of Life. What we focus on gives us direction. We are the image of God. In order to understand who we are and how we are, we must do what we see Him doing and say what we hear Him saying. I like that kind of Copycat Christianity.

His righteousness covered Jesus as a man living as us and His righteousness covers us. It is the power to allow us to focus on His ways and to walk in them. David wanted to ponder His ways in the company of His people, in the shadow of His temple. That’s outside the building, folks! Let’s be aware that His righteousness is wherever He is and He is calling us to be one in His righteousness. Let's bring His goodness to all that are in need of it.