Last week, I released a blog called Generations: Part 1. This blog will be part 2 of that series. If you haven't read that blog, you can read it here.

We owe the world an encounter with God

Over the past three years I have had a handful of life changing prophetic encounters that Jesus has so graciously used to direct the course of events he has been leading us on. In this time, we have striven to keep our goals and strategies simple: do what we see Him doing, say what we hear Him saying (John 5, John 12). Movements of the Spirit in world history have not been started by merely principle alone, but by His presence. Principle has it's value, but it is not life-giving like His presence. His presence is THE transformative agent on the earth today, and the better we become at hosting his presence, living from His presence, the better we become at bringing encounters with his presence to peoples hearts in every sphere and realm of society. We owe the world an encounter with God, and people who have encounters, carry encounters. Our bible is full of men, women, and children who encountered God, then carried that encounter into the world. Each generation has it's own encounters, and God is using these encounters in conjuction with the Word of God to paint a picture of Himself through the generations. That picture is a story, and the final chapter is a brilliant revelation of Himself.

I suddenly found myself standing over a valley that was filled with an entire generation

This brings me to an encounter that I had early in January 2016. It is a big step to share such an intense experience publicly, but I believe that it is to be shared. As I was working in my office, I suddenly found myself standing over a valley that was filled with an entire generation. They were despondent, bored, and doing nothing. Jesus started speaking to me, "they have dreams and desires that don't fit inside 'church'. Someone needs to give them permission to explode." Then I saw Jesus step into the valley (he was huge) and stand over it. He stood over that generation, pointed his finger at them, and looked at me with a look that I can only describe as "angry or frustrated to the point of tears", and said "give them permission!" The passion in His eyes was unmistakeable. I felt like He was conveying to me that He had purposefully and intentionally been planting dreams and desires inside of peoples hearts amd lives, but that they were so outside of the "church" box that no one felt like they had the permission to explore them. I believe part of what the Lord is saying to me through this encounter is "give people permission to pursue and release what I have put inside of them no matter if it fits current church culture or not".

I feel like this generation is going to carry answers for problems on a seriously epic scale

From that encounter, I feel like this generation is going to carry answers for problems on a seriously epic scale. They are an army that is going to demand justice and Jesus is going to execute justice through them like never before. They are going to also be the best demonstration of love the world has ever seen. I believe that answers to fear and terrorism are coming. Fear has become a bully on a world scale, and I believe that Jesus is crafting an answer to that fear.

We want to ignite a new expression, heart, and message in an entire generation. The kingdom is a culture (kingdom, family, etc), not an institution. I feel like our greatest influence for the church will be outside the church service. Our biggest goal is not to get people into a building, but to get the kingdom out onto the streets. Church follows culture, so shifting culture could cause a bigger shift in the church than we could imagine. As followers of Jesus, our mandate is to see redemption flood the earth. His redemption will transform everything in its wake. Christians are called to redeem entire cultures, not just individuals. It takes courage, community, and fathers to help us release what God has put inside of us, and unless we pursue and release His dreams inside of us, the world will never know of them, or the Author that put them there. Our encounters become other peoples encounters. Let's start carrying encounters, carrying heaven, and shifting culture through the power and breath of our magnificent, wonderful, amazing Father.

You have PERMISSION to go after the things He has placed in your heart

So, if no one has given you permission to purusue your God dreams, or even told you that they are important, here you go: PURSUE! Chase his heart, explore the desires he has embedded deep in your soul. Politicians, scientists, inventors, teachers, writers, musicians, no matter where you find yourself in society, you are a LEADER. You have PERMISSION to go after the things He has placed in your heart. Don't do it alone! Get into community and start taking world changing risks together. We owe the world an encounter with God!

In our latest podcast embedded below, I describe this prophetic encounter in detail.