The next generation of leaders is not only going to be marked by who they are, but by the core values they embrace and the culture that they create. One of the things that is vastly missing in much of today's church world is healthy culture that champions connection and dispels fear. We may be good at rallying around a cause, but we lack the courage to fight for the dreams of others. We have seen amazing truths established in the last century. Truths like healing, evangelism, and miracles. But restored truth in itself doesn't advance the kingdom. It takes a culture to overtake earth with heaven, and that culture is curated in an ecosystem of covenant and connection. This is where Jesus' church is going in the next generation, come hell or high water, and there's nothing anyone can say or do about it.

It takes a culture to overtake earth with heaven

We have learned to tell the difference between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of darkness, but are we becoming the people that it takes to create an ecosystem where the kingdom of heaven can thrive? For example, we know that hate, crime, lies, murder etc are all products of the kingdom of darkness, but are we as familiar with and are we able to diagnose the ecosystem that produces those things? Likewise, we know that the kingdom of heaven produces love, redemption, forgiveness, and so on, but do we really know, in a practicial sense, how to build the type of ecosystem that produces those things as well?

Jesus changed everything when He said "our Father..."

What is a kingdom ecosytem and why is it so important? A kingdom ecosystem is the culture created by relationship, covenenant, and family centered around the presence, infused with the values and priorities of heaven. Jesus changed everything when He said "our Father...". He placed a priority on covenant and family as the highest value. Ephesians 3:15 stresses the importance of family and identity by declaring "...from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name." From the beginning, family was desgned to wreck the world. At the core of family is safety, identity, freedom, love, and connection.

How do we build a kingdom ecosystem? We create a kingdom ecosystem by what we believe and how we steward the heavenly activity in us and around us as the result of our believing. A healthy kingdom ecosystem produces kingdom activity that dominates in the form of heaven on earth. Our kingdom ecosystem releases a dominion that overrules fear, sickness, disease, poverty, mental illness, divorce, crime, and death. This kingdom ecosystem is tended by a like hearted family that coalesce around similar assignments and calls in the earth. What is the goal of a flourishing, healthy, kingdom ecosystem? To take over and devour the earth with it's health!

There is a resounding call from the Spirit of God resonating across the earth

Right now God is creating ecosystems that are increasing the momentum of the dominion of the kingdom of heaven. There is a resounding call from the Spirit of God resonating across the earth awakening hearts and lives to who they are and to who they were always meant to be. How can we take part in this movement of kingdom curators? There are two things we must do as if our life depends on it; We must value and center our lives around the presence and at the same time commit to connecting and staying connected to the ones in our community that have the same heart and similar assignments! There is no longer any room for fault finding, gossip, and disconnection. These things are the destroyers of destinies and will rob the mandate of an entire generation if we let it.

We can no longer treat our relationships as disposable

What kind ecosystem are you creating? Do you only surround yourself with people who think like you? Do you slander and fault find in the ones that God has called you to work alongside? Do you have a higher value for being right than being in relationship? Are you and what you believe at the center of your universe? Are you constantly comparing others to yourself and rejecting them if they don't serve your "purpose"? We will never advance the kingdom by rejecting people as if they are not our favorite type of breakfast cereal.

Are you a world changer?

We can no longer treat our relationships as disposable, shutting people out the moment we disagree with them. You're not that right in your thinking and believing and you never will be. We are a body, a collective, a community. Brave people who choose connection and who are healthy enough to instill the courage of heaven in the hearts of others ARE the leaders of the next generation. They are not concerned with titles or rank, but measure their success by their relationships, the presence of God, and their unique ability to transform the world around them. Are you a world changer? Only if you know how to fight for relationships, carry heaven with no personal agenda, and lay down your life in a way that propels people into destinies and dreams greater than they have ever thought or imagined. I dare you to change the world. I dare you to fight for love and connection. I dare you to lay down your life for the sake of others.

Choose connection, fight for healthy relationships, engage life through the purpose of heaven, and hold on to these things like your life depends on it.