There are countless "tips and tricks" to help you perfect your art. Whether it's "getting that cinematic look with your films" or "applying the 10 principles of a successful brand" or "writing a hit rather than a song," these kinds of offerings are literally everywhere. And while they may be effective when put into practice, they don't give you the key ingredient: heart.

You see, despite style, presentation, gimmicks, techniques, and tools, your main objective is to create something that carries an encounter. You've heard it said, "We were created to create." This is truth. In the image of our Creator, we display His glory through our own creation.

Before you perfect your method, seek your motive.

I've seen low-budget, independent films that completely wreck me. I've also seen big-budget blockbusters I've walked away from thinking, "Meh." One had heart, the other did not. So before you perfect your method, seek your motive. It is the message of your heart that carries the viewer or listener into encounter. This is what art should do . This where it originates. Because without heart, it's merely lifeless media.

Don't exchange excellence for encounter.

Explore the Father's heart today. Listen to His heartbeat. Mine the gold that lies there waiting to be discovered. Then display His glory with something you create. And remember, don't exchange excellence for encounter.